Handy Apps To Use When Moving House in London and UK

Helpful Apps When Moving House in London

We all know how stressful and time consuming a London removal can be. It doesn`t matter if we talk about commercial removals or residential moves. Hiring a moving company, buying packing supplies, packing your belongings are all tasks that we want to avoid. Getting professional movers in London to deal with all this is usually the smart way to go. Unfortunately quite often people are relocating on a tight budget. That means that some of the organizational work should be of the do-it-yourself kind. There is no need to panic though. 24 Removals London will show you some of the most useful apps that can really help you while moving house or office. So, leave the stress behind, get yourself a fresh drink and read on:

Zoopla (iPad, iPhone, free)

moving-house-with-zoopla-londonSo, if you are ready to move that means you need a reliable source of information. Zoopla offers you all kinds of listings, local information and property history. If you are serious about moving, that is one app that you must have. This can make your life much easier while moving house.

Around Me (iPad, iPhone, free)

Above all moving house requires research. After all it is good to know where you are going. Information such as nearest hospital, gas station or school can be really useful. Of course the nearest local bars and restaurants can also be of great help. Before moving house we recommend that you visit your new neighborhood at least three times at different times of the day. It won`t be pleasant if it turns out that your flat is above a night club or too close to a pub. Make sure you know exactly where you are going and Around Me can help you with that.


Move Advisor (iPhone, iPad, Android, free)

moving-house-with-move-advisorThe timeline is what all removals are about. Managing your timing while moving house is crucial and that is why you need a reliable app to assist you. You can easily make a detailed checklist and move stress free. Planning your move is really important and you should invest enough time in it in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

SpareRoom (iPhone, Android, free)

Ok, now you have found the perfect property for you, but it is somewhat pricy. So, what do you do? The best way to go is not to miss this opportunity and get a housemate to share the cost of living in the dream house or flat. SpareRoom offers you a way to quickly find the best housemate for you. Downloading that app may turn out to be a good idea.


Sortly (iPhone, iPad, Android, free)

It is a brilliant way to get organized and avoid all the hassle when moving house in London. Sortly helps you sort your belongings and easily catalog them. With the use of scannable QR codes you will know what you have in every box. We believe that this app will save you so much time.


Ebay (iPhone, iPad, Android, free)

Sometimes when we are moving home, there is a lot of stuff that we need to get rid of as quickly as possible. It may be clothes, shoes, electronics or just an old piece of furniture. Well, you can easily cash in on that stuff and even partly finance your move. Probably the most convenient way to do that is to download the Ebay app and start selling.


Charity Collect (iPad, iPhone, free)

And here is our favorite! If you are the kind of a person that likes to help, you should choose Charity Collect over Ebay app and donate the stuff you don`t use anymore. Charity Collect is developed by the international charity Save the Children. It allows you to scan all kinds of barcodes (CDs, DVDs, books and etc.) and get instant valuation. 0.80p of every 1 of value for your accepted items goes straight to charity.



Don`t forget to smile and your removal will go as smooth as silk 😉